Ruby Martinez Zgabay

August 2013 Legend: Ruby Martinez Zgabay

RecognizeGood is excited to announce our August Legend, Ruby Martinez Zgabay!

A former political refugee from Cuba, and current electrical engineer at IBM, Ruby has dedicated countless hours over the past 3+ years to the Classroom Coaching program at Austin Partners In Education. Congrats to both Ruby and APIE, who received the $1,000 pay-it-forward donation included with each Legend selection!

Austin Partners In Education Executive Director Cathy Jones on Ruby Martinez Zgabay:

“The APIE Volunteer Champion award was created so that we could honor someone who not only has longevity as an APIE volunteer, but who also has great enthusiasm and positivity. It is for a volunteer who stands out among others; someone who goes above and beyond—this year’s recipient is certainly all these things and more! Our APIE Volunteer Champion is Ruby Zgabay.

Ruby has volunteered with APIE for 3 years now. For most APIE volunteers that would mean three assignments, supporting one group of students per year. Ruby will complete TEN assignments with APIE this year. She volunteers in our 2nd grade programs as well as our middle school programs. She coaches both reading and math. As an IBM engineer, she and a small team of her colleagues have championed the APIE program internally to encourage their co-workers to get involved. As a group, these IBM engineers have adopted whole classrooms and brought middle school students to the IBM campus to witness first hand why math is both important and fun. Finally, Ruby has graciously made APIE her cause and has written grants on behalf of APIE to help us secure funding from IBM. Ladies and gentlemen, please help me thank Ruby Zgabay for her support of our students and programs.”

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