Karen Crosby

July 2013 Legend: Karen Crosby

It’s that time again!  The nominations are in, the selection committee and Lifetime Legends have cast their votes, and today we are proud to announce our RecognizeGood Legend for the month of July 2013 – Karen Crosby of Georgetown, TX! Karen’s effort and dedication to the students in her community through multiple service initiatives resulted

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Dr. John Oswalt - HeartGift

Legends in Review: Dr. John Oswalt, HeartGift Austin

Dr. John Oswalt, co-founder and a driving force behind HeartGift Austin, was recognized as our RecognizeGood Legend in December 2010.  HeartGift was created to provide funding, coordination of care, and medical services for children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) who live in developing countries where the opportunity for medical intervention is scarce or nonexistent.  Along with fellow co-founders

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Hannah Nussbaum

June 2013 Legend: Hannah Nussbaum

Youth2Seniors is a nonprofit program here in Austin that strives to bridge generations and bring them closer together, partnering youth and seniors within the community in order for both groups to enhance each other’s lives and learning experience.  Hannah Nussbaum, our RecognizeGood Legend for June 2013, is recognized for her dedicated and impactful work with the Youth2Seniors program, displaying an

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Little Helping Hands

RecognizeGood Spotlight: Little Helping Hands

Today’s Spotlight shines on Little Helping Hands, an Austin non-profit group that’s been providing family-friendly volunteer opportunities since June 2009.  Families with children as young as 3 years old can visit the Little Helping Hands website ( each month to find suitable volunteer opportunities created and organized by LHH.  The organization is truly a blessing for Austin parents

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Dr.Rudy Uriegas

May 2013 Legend: Dr. Rudy Uriegas

We at RecognizeGood are so pleased to present our Legend for the month of May, Dr. Rudy Uriegas.  Uriegas, or “Doctor Rudy” as he’s affectionately known, dedicated himself to medical mission work for over ten years now. As one of the founding board members of Sacred Heart Community Clinic, he worked countless hours on a volunteer basis for

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Ride On Center For Kids

RecognizeGood Spotlight: Ride On Center for Kids

You might have never heard the term ‘hippotherapy’ before. But the children and adults in the Austin area who have seen its results during treatment for things like cerebral palsy, stroke, and even speech impairment would surely swear by it.  Rare by any standard, Nancy O’Meara Krenek is one of roughly fifty Hippotherapy Clinical Specialists in the

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