Right Thing = Good Business w/ Emlyn Lee, BRAVE Communities

RecognizeGood: In general, the values that you try to espouse yourself through BRAVE Communities come down to what? Emlyn Lee: I think one of my life mottos is, no pun intended, to be brave and to get outside your comfort zones – through that, whatever that may be personally / professionally, you know you can

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Chris Siebenthaler, Redbud Plumbing

RecognizeGood: As a founder, how have you found your personal ethics or values cascading down to everybody who works for you? Chris : Well, from the beginning, when the recent ice storm went down it was very important for me, for ethics to be very high up on the list of priorities. If I don’t

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Kareece Sacco, Well Aware

RecognizeGood: Well Aware makes a pointed effort to not go in and just help the communities in Africa that you serve, but to collaborate and work with and make it more of a relationship based on, [RecognizeGood’s] founder always says trust, respect, and mutual appreciation, and I think that’s applicable here. Why is that important

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Brent Fields, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas

RecognizeGood: Your student examiners, Brent, came away raving for sure. One of the biggest things that they came away with, was they quoted you, “it actually helps you sleep better at night to know that you’re not just helping kids, but you’re helping kids in the right way.” What does it mean to you to

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Chris Szeliga, JE Dunn Construction

RecognizeGood: We’ve done 100 of these over the years, and one of the big differentiators is whether a business does just enough, which is totally fine, or they make a proactive decision to go above and beyond. Y’all are in the latter category, but what’s the return on investment, specifically about the different ethics trainings

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Ellen Wood, vcfo

RecognizeGood: A tiny staff can be family atmosphere very easily. Really large staff can have all the policies and procedures that you can shake a stick at. You are kind of right there in the middle where it’s a big family. What’s been your general strategy at vcfo on the importance of taking your personal values and kind