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Doing Good Better: Leadership Austin Fellows – Pat Niekamp + Hospice Austin

People do good for others every day in the community surrounding Austin. At RecognizeGood, our mission is to help strengthen that community by sharing those inspiring examples. In our Doing Good Better series, we take a docu-series look into innovative collaborations around the Austin area that make our community stronger. Leadership Austin launched a pilot

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Jerry Davis: Doing Good is Good Business

In this series, called “Doing Good is Good Business,” RecognizeGood asks Austin-area business and community leaders that exact question – why IS doing good is simply good business? In this video, we hear from Jerry Davis, longtime CEO of Goodwill Central Texas. “You’re gonna have culture no matter what you do. It’s up to you to

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90th RecognizeGood Legend Award Presented to 92-year-old Norma Crozier

Norma Crozier is 92 years old, and for the past 31 years she’s been volunteering at least three hours a week at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library. Over three decades she’s been involved in almost every imaginable activity at the library, from reading books aloud and giving tours of the museum to helping organize

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Doing Good Better: “Trade Up Texas”

To help prepare a skilled workforce to fill a gap in middle-skill jobs, an independent career awareness and exploration campaign called Trade Up Texas was launched in late 2018 that matched Texans with skilled trade training and job opportunities. This campaign was the product of a truly unique partnership between an inventive corporation, an innovative

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My GOOD Day: Archer’s UT Challenge

Archer Hadley’s name came into my inbox a few months ago when I had just started working under RecognizeGood. He was nominated to be one of our Legends, where we highlight individuals who go above and beyond in the community. Archer’s Challenge sets out to break down the physical and psychological barriers of a day

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“Kindness Matters” campaign founder named RecognizeGood’s 89th Legend!

RecognizeGood is honored to acknowledge Jacki James as the recipient of its 89th RecognizeGood Legend award, in a presentation held November 26th at Georgetown’s Century 21. As part of the recognition, a $1,000 donation was made in Jacki’s name for Kindness Matters. Jacki James’ fun-loving son Peyton was bullied in school for most of his

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