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“Board Updates” from John Bosch, Co-founder and President, 2015: Issue 4

“Releasing the energy from the illumination of GOOD – either by private or public recognition – brightens our entire community.”

The message above is another way to describe the mission of RecognizeGood. I’ve always visualized an app that would capture each act of goodness throughout our community, then display them on a big screen. I wonder what that display would look like – would the brightness change over time, or for certain events? What parts of our community would shine the brightest? Here’s my theory on this subject – acts of GOOD create positive energy, but that energy may not be visible or have a release mechanism. RecognizeGood is the agent of GOOD that can release this positive energy as light into our community.

The amount of collective energy released as light has a direct correlation to the level of our community’s mental state and its collective attitude toward future achievements, growth opportunities, and the general quality of community life expectation. In essence, RecognizeGood and its various programs impact the cultural fabric that binds our citizens into a community of ONE – a community with a positive future, based upon the positive energy released by recognizing and illuminating GOOD!

On behalf of RecognizeGood and its community partners I want to personally thank KEYE-TV for their many years of support, and to thank Hema individually for selecting and airing her “Pay It Forward” segments – a very special THANK YOU! In closing, I want to suggest a personal challenge – a New Year’s resolution. Set a goal each day to recognize the acts of kindness or goodness you see from your family, friends, co-workers or complete strangers. At the end of the day, take a look at yourself and evaluate your own RecognizeGood energy meter. It’s sure to translate into a more positive attitude. Feeling GOOD and doing GOOD are not random – they come from a daily discipline of looking for, then recognizing community GOOD.

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About RecognizeGood

RecognizeGood: THE Foundation (commonly known as simply RecognizeGood) is a local nonprofit that provides a means for individuals, businesses and other nonprofits to illuminate selfless volunteers, charitable acts and community service throughout the greater Austin area. There are several active RecognizeGood programs that work toward this mission from different angles, but the common theme is simple – the illumination of GOOD in our community.