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John and Jennifer Garrett: Doing Good is Good Business

In this series, called “Doing Good is Good Business,” RecognizeGood asks Austin-area business and community leaders that exact question – why IS doing good is simply good business? In this video, we hear from John and Jennifer Garrett of Community

When it comes to serving those in need, there’s one woman who does it all.

Ebonie Trice founded Mission Accomplished seven years ago in response to the rise in homelessness in Austin and has now served thousands of neighbors in need.

Ebonie founded her nonprofit after her own struggles left her with a clear realization …

2021 Ethics in Business Awards

It’s easy to talk about ethical leadership when times are easy. It’s another thing entirely when times are tough and the future is uncertain. As RecognizeGood continues in our mission to share the best examples of ethical business leadership,

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Tami Andres, Goodwin & Company

RecognizeGood: Goodwin & Company has a pretty robust set of programs and trainings and really seems to take ethical development seriously. What’s the impetus for that mindset surrounding employee well-being – did it come from the founders, or is it

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Trammell Cooper, Genesis Wealth Management

RecognizeGood: How important is it to be able to maintain ethics, build trust and keep building a better business?

Trammell Cooper: One of our key mottos at Genesis Wealth Management is we do the right thing, because it’s the right …

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Misty Whited, Austin Community Foundation

RecognizeGood: You’ve been at Austin Community Foundation for a while, so how have you seen the culture grow and develop over time with continuous improvement? Or was it there when you started and y’all continue to shepherd it?

Misty Whited

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Michelle Long, Shop LC

RecognizeGood: How does Shop LC justify the investment that you make into your people? Because that takes not only money, but it takes a ton of time to manage. What’s the benefit to the business of going beyond normal expectations

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Michele Glaze, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

RecognizeGood: One of the things that really stands out about Samsung Austin Semiconductor is this culture of empowerment – if you’ve got an idea, you’ve got an outlet for it and your idea’s not going to get swept under the

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Emlyn Lee, BRAVE Communities

RecognizeGood: In general, the values that you try to espouse yourself through BRAVE Communities come down to what?

Emlyn Lee: I think one of my life mottos is, no pun intended, to be brave and to get outside your comfort …

Right Thing = Good Business w/ Chris Siebenthaler, Redbud Plumbing

RecognizeGood: As a founder, how have you found your personal ethics or values cascading down to everybody who works for you?

Chris : Well, from the beginning, when the recent ice storm went down it was very important for …