Ethics in Business & Community Pillars

Ethics in Business & Community: Year Two

Our 11th Annual Ethics in Business & Community Awards is coming up on May 2nd, 2013, and we wanted to take the weeks in between and share with you some of the amazing businesses, nonprofits, and individuals that we have had the honor of awarding over the last decade!

In 2003, we held our 2nd annual ceremony, with awards given in the following categories:


AMD – AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its groundbreaking AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) that power a wide range of computing devices. AMD’s server computing products focus on driving industry-leading cloud computing. AMD’s superior graphics technologies are found in a variety of solutions ranging from game consoles, PCs to supercomputers.
Tokyo Electron Limited – Tokyo Electron manufactures and sells semiconductor, FPD and PV production equipment.
Tuerff-Davis Enviromedia – Since 1997, EnviroMedia has been the leading U.S. social marketing agency delivering sustainability consulting and authentic, ethical campaigns that get measurable results.


SafePlace – SafePlace provides safety for individuals and families affected by sexual and domestic violence, helps victims in their healing so they can move beyond being defined by the crimes committed against them, and become survivors, promotes safe and healthy relationships for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence, and works with others to create change in attitudes, behaviors and policies that perpetuate the acceptance of, and impact our understanding and responses to, sexual and domestic violence.


Brian McCoy – CEO McCoy’s Building Supply Centers. “We provide quality building products and services to our ‘Born to Build’ customers with our valued team of unique people who are committed to both professional and personal growth. Our ‘Business as UnUsual’ philosophy demonstrates the vision and values of our family business. We celebrate an intense work ethic; yet we affirm that life is more than work. We must be profitable in our operations while always striving to make McCoy’s a safe and enjoyable workplace.”  – Brian McCoy

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