RecognizeGood Spotlight: Give Realty

In May 2010 we had the exciting opportunity to honor Laurie Loew as our RecognizeGood Legend. Laurie received this recognition because of her amazing work with Give Realty, a company she founded. Give Realty donates 25% of their fees from the sale of the home to a charity of the buyer’s choice.

Give Realty recently celebrated four years in business, having donated over $194,000 to over 66 nonprofits! The organization received a nomination for the Austin FAVE Awards and a feature in a “Spirit of Innovation” commercial.

Did you know that if every real estate brokerage in the Austin Metro Area donated the same portion of their commissions as Give Realty does, over $8.2 million dollars would have been donated in the month of August for the sales in July? That’s the annual budget of Meals on Wheels and More, a nonprofit that provides over 95,000 meals to Central Texans!

We are proud of Laurie Loew and Give Realty! The milestones they reached and the good they are doing in the Central Texas area is spectacular. To stay up to date with what they’re doing, check out their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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