Frank Allcorn

Legend for Life: Frank Allcorn

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, but for Frank Allcorn, he just keeps rolling with the punches. In August of 2011 Frank was honored as our monthly RecognizeGood Legend. Frank is an avid supporter of the Austin Humane Society. He coached soccer and worked with adult and youth soccer leagues for over 50 years. Frank’s community service extends to his extensive work with the Austin Humane Society, but it doesn’t stop there. His coaching background began in his native England, where he captained several All Star teams. He has been coaching youth club soccer and adult women’s teams for more than 20 years. The women’s teams reached the national finals twice. Frank has coached many successful girls’ teams over the past 10 years for the River City Rangers Soccer Club.

Recently, a blood clot in his right leg brought a forced end to his coaching career and a slow withdrawal from other soccer activities. But it has by no means put a stop to him pursuing the things he loves to enjoy today.

From my perspective, all I have done is to follow my heart and my dreams and pursued the activities that interest me the most. True, I was lucky enough to maintain a level of fitness that allowed me to pursue one of my passions, coaching and playing soccer and I was able to perform until August of last year,” Frank said. “My newest hobby is photography, where most of the images end up in my blog and of course, I still am very happy in my garden and tending to the five ponds that I built there. I have just had the good fortune or maybe misfortune depending on your point of view, to have my 77th birthday and although my health is good apart from the blood clot recovery which is going very well, I have slowed down a bit.”

True enough, life comes with its ups and down, and its seasons. For a lifelong athlete, slowing down is never an easy season to accept, but Frank is taking it with grace and finding appreciation in new things. I think that Frank continues to be a great example in the community of what it looks like to pursue your passions, and that it is inspiring to see people who can find new pursuits that make them happy, no matter what stage of life they are in. Age is never a reason to stop pursuing the things that make us happy, and this is why Frank Allcorn is inspiring.

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