Jim and Martha Wallace

October 2012 Legends: Jim and Martha Wallace

Together, Jim and Martha Wallace have led a life of public service we should all strive to emulate. They dedicated themselves to improving the quality of life for others for over 30 years. In his professional life, Jim served Texas as a State Senator, and then as a District Court Judge.  In 1981, he Jim was elected to the Texas Supreme Court.

Jim and Martha have taken active roles in many worthy causes with countless acts of charity for over three decades. In one endeavor, Jim and Martha have been very active in Habitat for Humanity working on building over a dozen new homes. Jim and Martha also avidly worked with Smile Train, an organization providing surgery for children with cleft palates from places such as Yemen, Burundi and many other places around the world.  In yet another long-term avocation, Martha worked for over 25 years as a devoted volunteer of the Settlement House for Children whose mission is to care for and promote the healing of troubled children.

On October 22nd, 2012, RecognizeGood honor Jim and Martha as our October 2012 Legends, presenting them with a $1,000.00 pay-it-forward donation made out in their names to the Samaritan Center for Counseling and pastoral Care, Austin TX. The ceremony took place at 7:00 pm, following a fantastic day with the 13th Annual Minister’s Cup Golf Classic at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa in Austin.

With individual contributions too numerous to include here, we celebrate Jim and Martha Wallace as RecognizeGood Legends for their life-long passion of caring for others. And remember, if there is someone in your life like Jim and Martha, tell the world them at RecognizeGood.org!

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