“If we try to be an example to others, it stands to reason that we also look for examples to emulate. If you surround yourself with groups that you admire, you have the opportunity to take on their positive characteristics. This can also serve to confirm your own good, ethical traits. You do good, you see others do good, they see you do good … it’s a neat cycle!”   

Marc Bove, President – The Bommarito Group 

“Our firm has won more than 50 industry awards over the last eight years. Winning the Ethics in Business award is by far, the greatest recognition we have ever received.”    

Kevin Tuerff, President – EnviroMedia Social Marketing

“All of us in leadership positions have the responsibility to share our ethics and demonstrate integrity in our daily walk, especially when it isn’t easy.  I was honored and humbled by this award.”    

Brian McCoy, CEO – McCoy’s Building Supply Centers 

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