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OUR GOAL: WE ILLUMINATE those around us doing good for good’s sake, and believe by making our gratitude public we have the chance to inspire others and pay good forward.

RecognizeGood’s Thank You Notes provide both physical and digital means for the illumination and sharing of everyday GOOD. Opportunities to show gratitude are endless, but by making a Thank You public at we have the chance to inspire others.

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The RecognizeGood Thank You Wall


Thanks for making so many people happy with your special minis.

Jodie Diegel

Gil Iwanski

Thank you Gil you are awesome. Minis and Friends is a great organization.


Gil Iwanski

Thank you Gil for all you do for Mini’s and Friends. I went through your Mini’s and Friends Boot Camp and learned so much! I love using what I learned with my minis when we go on outings like you do!

Joyce Banks

Irma Sorber

Thank you for starting and keeping the Women Meeting God prayer call every morning!

Lynne shelton


Thank You Wall

THANK YOU! Awesome, awesome job on this last newsletter – your effort, mixed with your talent, definitely made my day yesterday : )


Julia, Brian, Maria P. and Cisto

PET-Austin Logo

Thank you for jumping in first thing this morning to help us as we needed to get 5 PETs out the door as soon as possible! We could not have done it without your help this morning – THANK YOU!