RecognizeGood Thank You Notes

OUR GOAL: WE ILLUMINATE those around us doing good for good’s sake, and believe by making our gratitude public we have the chance to inspire others and pay good forward.

RecognizeGood’s Thank You Notes provide both physical and digital means for the illumination and sharing of everyday GOOD. Opportunities to show gratitude are endless, but by making a Thank You public at we have the chance to inspire others.

The RecognizeGood Thank You Wall

Kelli Saldaña

Congratulations on your recognition and great work. You truly are a legend and glad to have the opportunity to meet. Congratulations #80.

Andrew Cooper

Kelli Saldaña

You are an amazing gal!


Kelli Saldaña

Thanks for all you do and the energy you bring.

Kelli Saldaña

Congrats on an impressive accomplishment. You deserve the acclaim! Thanks for being our 80th Legend.

Lisa Martin

Kelli Saldaña


You are an inspiration to all of us. May God continue to bless you with your giving spirit and kind heart. Keep up the good work. You are so deserving of the award.


#NPTechClubATX Volunteers

NTEN Tech Club

I’d like to thank the volunteers for the NTEN & NetSquared Nonprofit Tech Club Austin. They have kept the club up-and-running for several years, generously sharing their time and talents to do so. Thank you Stacy Dyer/Trianon Coffee, Susannah Erler, Jon Lebkowsky, Daniela Nunez, Dale Thompson, and thanks also to club co-sponsors NTEN (national) and NetSquared (global, affiliated with TechSoup). We deeply appreciate our expert guest speakers, who speak and share their knowledge for free, and Capital Factory and others for providing meeting spaces free of charge and other supportive services. Thank you, everyone for your service and for helping nonprofits learn the latest in nptech, for the greater good for all!

Carolyn Appleton