Quan Cosby

This goes several years back, but when Quan Cosby was playing football for the Longhorns, not announcing the games, he made a huge difference to the children and families of Wonders & Worries. He arranged for our families to come to a special spring event with all the longhorns- it was like a Make a Wish for hundreds. The event itself, done yearly for a non-profit, was impressive in and of itself, truly a dream to be in the locker room, run on the field and be greeted by all the players and coaches. But what stands out to me is that Quan suggested it months before, and followed through with his generous offer, meeting me to go through the details the day after he had his wisdom teeth out. He was clearly in discomfort, but he overrode his pain to make sure every item of the special event was in place. He made memories for so many children struggling with parents with serious illness in his selfless act.

Meredith Cooper
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