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Thinkery + WP Engine Collaboration

Recently RecognizeGood connected Austin children’s museum Thinkery with website builder WP Engine for a complete website overhaul. The Thinkery, which serves as a hands-on learning experience for children focusing on STEAM (science, technology engineering, arts, and math), had previously identified their 2017 established website as a potential area for growth within their nonprofit organization.

The Thinkery has an admittedly “lean internal IT staff,” which left the door open for WP Engine to step through with a little guidance from RecognizeGood. WP Engine gladly stepped up to plate to employ their hands-on WordPress expertise to refresh the legacy website and improve the site’s navigation for both visitors and staff alike.

To commemorate the partnership and completion of the project, WP Engine created a video featuring previous Thinkery CEO Patricia Young Brown, WP Engine VP of Corporate Marketing Eric Jones, and RecognizeGood’s own Joel Coffman discussing the scope of the project and the functionality of the website as a whole.

Thinkery has served the Austin community for over 35 years and has grown into a 40,000 square feet education, inspiration, and exploration space for children and their families.

The full article can be found on WP Engine’s website.

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