One man dedicates his Saturday’s to distributing clothing to those experiencing homelessness

Every Saturday for the past 10 years, William Kerby has distributed hundreds and thousands of pounds of clothing and life’s essentials to those experiencing homelessness in the Austin area through Kerby’s Clothing Ministry.

Kerby’s Clothing Ministry (KCM) provides clothing, shoes, jackets, backpacks, household goods, and even pet food to those experiencing homelessness. Founder William Kerby often partners with other organizations like Lighter Loads ATX supporting the homeless community, gathering to offer clothing, showers, food, and medical help. On other occasions, he visits those in need on his own.

William runs Kerby’s Clothing Ministry out of his home and has primarily funded the efforts at a personal expense. In the past few years, KCM began to receive donations from individuals, local churches, and a multitude of donations from a local thrift store called The Ladies of Charity Lake Travis Thrift Store.

To celebrate all that William has done for those experiencing homelessness, we gathered at his house where he has turned his garage into a clothing closet for his inventory.  In recognition of William, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in his name to Kerby’s Clothing Ministry.

Thank you to William’s family, friends, and his co-workers from Cintas for joining us to recognize William. Special thanks to Crown Trophy for donating a beautiful award to William!

To read more about William, check out pictures from his Legend Ceremony, and to learn more about Kerby’s Clothing Ministry head over to his  Legend page!

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