15 years, $550,000 raised and Gary’s still running strong for The SAFE Alliance

Gary Walker has been racing toward an end to child abuse since 2005, raising over $550,000 for The SAFE Alliance along the way and training hundreds of people alongside him.

Since the first marathon in 2005, when Gary and 13 members raised a little less than $9,000, Team FX has trained runners, walkers, and even folks who just want to improve their fitness level for the Austin Marathon, the Austin Half Marathon, and the CAP10K, all while fundraising year-round. Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t slow them down, training virtually and racing to keep their members safe while still managing to raise over $81,000! Austin Children’s Shelter merged with SafePlace to become The SAFE Alliance in 2017.

In recognition of Gary’s good deeds, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in his name to The SAFE Alliance, where Gary continues to use his passion for running to make a difference. Special thanks to the Team FX members that joined us to celebrate Gary, The SAFE Alliance team for hosting us, and Crown Trophy for donating a beautiful award to Gary!

To read more about Gary’s story, check out pictures from his Legend Ceremony, and to learn more about The SAFE Alliance head over to his Legend page!

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