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Bake A Wish has lit up 7,700 faces by baking cakes to mark special events for those who might otherwise go without

Since 2009, Bake a Wish has been lighting up the faces of children, seniors, and adults alike by delivering over 7,700 specially baked cakes to mark special events for those who might otherwise go without.

Providing birthday and celebration cakes throughout the year for area children in shelters or foster facilities, seniors, and adults with special needs who otherwise would not receive said desserts, Bake a Wish has been serving Austin area communities for the past 12 years in a very tasty way.

The primary purpose of Bake a Wish is to tap into the baking skills of Austin’s volunteers and provide monetary relief to organizations that would otherwise bear the cost of a purchased cake themselves. However, Bake a Wish takes its mission a step further than simply providing a cake that says “Happy Birthday.” A cake request can be anything from a simple chocolate cake with a candy bar on top to a tiered wedding-style cake covered in decorative fondant featuring the characters from Frozen. These specialty cakes would normally come with a significant cost through a bakery, but with Bake a Wish, there is no cost to the agency at all to bring a smile to the face of someone in need.

Beyond their primary mission, Bake a Wish also provides dessert support to the annual Austin nonprofit event Operation Turkey. Partnering with other local agencies such as Capital ConfectionersAustin Allies, and North Austin National Charity League, Bake a Wish donates between 600 to 1,200 pumpkin pies and other desserts to accompany the meals provided by Operation Turkey, which provides as many as 10,000 Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

Bake A Wish averages 55 cakes delivered to agencies such as Safe PlaceTexas Baptist Children’s Home, and Family Eldercare among many others, and in 2021 at the time of this application, they had delivered over 600 cakes. During the first year of the COVID Pandemic, the agency had to switch gears to monetary donations to their supported agencies, favoring the safety of their recipients and volunteers while still providing the means to supply cakes to those going through tough times.

While on the surface, providing cakes to children or adults might seem a simple goal, it can mean so much to those who may have never had their own birthday cake before. The agency reports that some of the children they serve do not even know what to ask for in their requests because they’ve never had the opportunity. Giving children and adults this opportunity lets them know that someone cares enough to make something special just for them.

RecognizeGood presented this incredible group with a plaque, a $500 donation, and complimentary seats to the 2022 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon. The presentation was held at Make It Sweet, a local retail supply source for baking supplies, and most importantly a Bake A Wish sponsor. Special thanks to the Make It Sweet team for hosting us!

The RecognizeGood Lighthouse Award is intended to illuminate the selfless community efforts and philanthropy of area service clubs to tell their stories and inspire others to make our community a better place. The program began in 2015 and has recognized more than 20 area service groups since its launch.

For more on the GOOD Bake A Wish is doing and how you can get involved, check out their website!

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