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Carole Price Named First RecognizeGood Legend of 2016

With a firm belief in the value of community service passed down from her parents in Scotland, Carole Price has made volunteering with Hospice Austin part of her life for over 20 years.

RecognizeGood presented the 55th RecognizeGood® Legend award to Carole Price of Hospice Austin in a ceremony at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House (2820 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702), beginning at 12:00 pm on Friday, April 1, 2016.  As part of the award presentation, Hospice Austin received a $1,000 pay-it-forward donation from RecognizeGood in Carole’s name.

Since her parents first taught her the practice of tikkun olam as a young girl growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, Carole Price has seen firsthand the unique benefits of giving back to her community. Tikkun olam is the Jewish idea of “repairing the world”. Carole’s life brought her across the Atlantic and all the way to Austin. Her tireless dedication to tikkun olam continues to make a big impact on more than just those she serves.

For the past twenty years, Carole Price has devoted herself to volunteering with Hospice Austin. From folding linens and making coffee to organizing huge fundraisers and managing strategic partnerships, she does a little bit of everything over thousands of volunteer hours. Primarily serving in Hospice Austin’s in-patient facility Christopher House, Carole has shown a knack for offering companionship to hospice patients. Additionally, she is one of a group of compassionate volunteers assisting with patient bed baths after training from registered nurses.

On a larger scale, Carole also is responsible for marshalling major resources from the community. She secured a weekly flower donation from Whole Foods as well as food for Christmas lunch each year. Additionally, she’s kept the Hospice Austin food pantry stocked by connecting to groups like Keep Austin Fed and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. This resulted in thousands of patients being fed. Futhermore, she’s even set up a trust with her husband Kerry to benefit Hospice Austin for years to come! Certainly Carole’s claim to fame as the only Scottish Jew in Austin, and perhaps in Texas, puts her in a unique position to represent both her faith and her heritage with every interaction.

As a 2016 Legend, Carole is now eligible to participate in RecognizeGood’s Say Thanks Austin campaign. This annual event presents the Austin area with a unique opportunity to say “thank you”. Participants are a group of remarkable individuals who contribute their time and talents to our community. The participant with the most Thank You votes receives a pay-it-forward donation of $10,000 to the nonprofit of their choice.

View Carole’s official Legend page, including video and photos from her presentation ceremony.

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