For 18 months, Briana and Jacqueline have delivered free groceries to 65,000 Austinites

Over the course of just 18 months, Briana Murphy and Jacqueline T. Freeman have worked as full-time unpaid volunteers for Black Women In Business, and their efforts have provided free groceries to over 65,000 Austinites in need.

Briana and Jacqueline have been a part of every aspect of BWIB’s Community Food Relief Program since its launch. Working essentially a full-time job each week completely unpaid, both women have truly wrapped their arms around the program that’s now managed to provide free groceries to over 65,000 people, all with no governmental funding. The program hosts curbside pickup twice a week at their headquarters, has an online portal for the homebound to have groceries delivered, and serves a dozen senior living facilities and East Austin apartment complexes directly.

To celebrate all that Jacquline and Briana have done a few special guests joined us at The Booker T. Washington Apartment complex, Black Women In Business’s largest food distribution location.  In recognition of Briana and Jacqueline’s massive community efforts, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in their name to Black Women In Business, where Briana and Jacqueline know they are making a difference in the lives of children, families, and those within our community that needs a hand-up.

Special thanks to Crown Trophy for donating a beautiful award to Briana and Jacqueline!

To read more about Briana and Jacquline’s story, check out pictures from their Legends Ceremony, and to learn more about Black Women In Business head over to their  Legend page!

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