Jerry Davis: Doing Good is Good Business

In this series, called “Doing Good is Good Business,” RecognizeGood asks Austin-area business and community leaders that exact question – why IS doing good is simply good business? In this video, we hear from Jerry Davis, longtime CEO of Goodwill Central Texas.

“You’re gonna have culture no matter what you do. It’s up to you to decide what you want it to be. And it helps – I hate say this, but it helps if you write it down. You put it on the wall. And if you say, ‘Look, that’s the true north. This is who we want to be.’ If you don’t fit, that’s great – there are lots of places for you to fit. But these are the people we hire.”

“It really does start with self-awareness. You’ve got to understand – it’s helpful to believe, anyway – that you’re not a finished product and you’re interested in improving. If you’re willing to get feedback from other people, who are going to be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear, then you’ll go a long way – you really will.”


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RecognizeGood: THE Foundation (commonly known as simply RecognizeGood) is a local nonprofit that provides a means for individuals, businesses and other nonprofits to illuminate selfless volunteers, charitable acts and community service throughout the greater Austin area. There are several active RecognizeGood programs that work toward this mission from different angles, but the common theme is simple – the illumination of GOOD in our community.