Legend’s own “Cup of Ambition” feeds others

Austin is well-known for both its live music and its spirit of community service. Combining the two is so Austin. Perhaps no one embodies Austin’s spirit better than Deidre Gott, who’s been serving dinner to Austinites experiencing homelessness through the ARCH for over a decade – and amping up her support with a musical flair Dolly Parton would be proud of.

Deidre combined her two passions, as she created the sold-out event “Cup of Ambition: A Dolly Parton Birthday Bash.” Local artists covered classic Dolly songs, along with a costume contest and karaoke. All proceeds raised during the event went towards Front Steps and the ARCH. Deidre even got on the mic herself during the event to bring the needs of the homeless to the forefront in between songs, making sure ARCH’s cause was front and center for the day.

Deidre’s imagination, creativity, and joy have allowed Austin to create a new event for locals to look forward to that benefits our community. Her problem-solving skills and ability to “make it Austin” has resulted in thousands of dollars in support to Front Steps and touched countless lives in the process.

Read more on Deidre’s creative impact and how you can assist Front Steps in their mission by visiting her full Legend page.

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