Erik Stoeckle is an extraordinary volunteer, whose unwavering dedication to ROCK over 15 years has provided the organization with a remarkable 11,000 hours of service.

From the inception of the “ROCK on Veterans” (ROV) program at equine therapy nonprofit Ride On Center For Kids (a.k.a. ROCK), Erik played a pivotal role as one of the founding members and graduates of the program. Today he serves as a Horse Handler and mentor, guiding and supporting men and women veterans in the program, which centers around “soldiers helping soldiers” to foster a healing environment through camaraderie among members of the armed forces. Erik’s commitment to attending nearly all the ROV classes in the last 15 years reflects his understanding of the profound impact of supporting his fellow veterans consistently.

Beyond his involvement with ROV, Erik volunteers twice a week as a Team Lead, overseeing other programs at ROCK and dedicating six hours a day to this cause. In his capacity as a Team Lead, Erik ensures the smooth functioning of classes by preparing horses and mentoring other volunteers. He is also a highly skilled Horse Handler, leading the horses during classes and providing valuable training to new volunteers. Moreover, Erik imparts his expertise to “Pit Crew” volunteers, guiding them in preparing the horses’ tack and supervising all tacking and grooming activities. Week after week, he collaborates with more than 300 fellow volunteers, exemplifying leadership and sharing his extensive knowledge.

“There is no doubt that ROCK is a stronger organization due to Erik’s commitment to serving and providing leadership to his fellow volunteers,” said Susy Turnbull, ROCK’s Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks to Erik’s unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership, ROCK maintains its capacity to offer over 100 weekly classes to adults and children with physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as veterans dealing with PTSD. His contributions make the organization even stronger, and his impact on the lives of those served is immeasurable.

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