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March 2012 Legend: Annie Brandt

In 2001, Annie received a grim prognosis of advanced-stage metastatic breast cancer. She was told to get her affairs in order. She refused a double mastectomy, traditional high-dose chemo and radiation, and set about researching holistic ways to fight the cancer. Fast-forward two years and Annie is cancer-clear thanks to the Whole Being Healing Platform and a targeted low-dose chemotherapy system, IPTLD. In 2004, Annie started the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation with Rachel Best, a fellow patient.

Two years later, Rachel passed away due to an infection not related to cancer. Despite the disappearance of one of its initiators, the foundation continued to grow and thrive. In 2006, Annie reorganized the company into a 501(c)3 and enlisted physicians who supported targeted low-dose chemo as members of a new physician’s organization. In 2007, she created a patient/survivor center.

Best Answer for cancer is now the only hybrid organization of physicians and patients in existence. Over time, the foundation expanded online to include e-book platforms, a physician’s discussion forum, and a support forum for patients and survivors to connect. In 2009, the organization’s focus expanded to include all options for integrative cancer care and a whole-being healing platform.

Today, it stands “to more appropriately express our mission to teach people about whole-being healing platforms and targeted cancer therapies” so that they can find their own best answer for cancer. Annie and her foundation are also responsible for the Annual International IPTLD (Insulin Potentiation Targeted LowDose) Integrative Cancer Conference to raise awareness about targeted therapies and whole-being healing. Since 2004, Annie has given her money, time and energy to the goals listed above. She spends countless hours every week on the phone with cancer patients, listening and sharing information. All her services are pro-bono.

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