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Recognize Good Spotlight: Africa’s Promise Village

Today’s RecognizeGood spotlight goes to Austin’s own, Africa’s Promise Village and their mission is simple: see bad, do good.  Their goal is to provide critically needed clean water, green energy, and education resources to poverty stricken populations in Tanzania.

The organization’s origins go back to a  trip to Arusha, Tanzania, in 2010.Struck by the devastation she saw, Dr. Donna Gun, Africa’s Promise Village founder and president, committed herself to making a difference for the people of Tanzania.

They are currently running a project to dig a large well in the Simanjiro. Water wells can make a huge difference for the life and well-being of a village. Providing clean water helps to protect many from disease and illness, support better hygiene, and save those who would otherwise walk for hours in search of water, precious time to invest in other things like education.  APV is working to dig a large water well that will serve thousands of Masai in the area.  This well will provide clean water for drinking, the operation of a school and crop irrigation.

To find out more about Africa’s Promise Village, read more about who they are and what they do, and catch the latest on what they are up to, check out their website at!

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