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RecognizeGood Partners with xocial During SXSWi

SXSW Interactive show-goers got a chance to recognize good and say thanks this week. A three-day stint at the world’s largest emerging-technology festival introduced hundreds to both RecognizeGood and startup partner xocial. Xocial (soh-shuhl) is a mobile application allowing users to thank their friends, spouses, kids, coworkers, neighbors, colleagues. Xocial then calculates a score between 1-100 for each user, essentially measuring your positive social impact. The ultimate goal, says CEO and co-founder Colin Duetta, is to recognize and share the good people are doing to inspire more. This is right in line with the mission of RecognizeGood, and made for an easy partnership.

At SXSWi, xocial used RecognizeGood volunteers to cruise the show as part of the “Nice Patrol”. They looked for random acts of kindness and rewarded do-gooders with a funky xocial t-shirt. Xocial used their exhibitor space at the festival as a de facto thank-you photo booth. They donated $10 to RecognizeGood for every thank-you video and photo shot at the show. The booth raised more than $1000! Festival-goers immediately supported the positivity brought to this year’s event by the two partnered organizations.

So how did this partnership come about? In a very serendipitous manner, actually. The Canadian company used a Texas connection who linked xocial to a nonprofit for seniors (Youth2Seniors, represented by 2013 Legend Award winner Hannah Nussbaum). Youth2Seniors wasn’t a great fit to round out the “Nice Patrol”, but founder Adelle Connors spotted the obvious connection and recommended RecognizeGood.

“RecognizeGood and xocial are awesomely aligned,” says Duetta. “Partnering with them has meant we can help show-goers reflect on what they’re thankful for in a meaningful way. The Nice Patrol volunteers are having a blast and they immediately get what we’re trying to do. And everyone has a thank you story to tell—the donation is just the icing on the cake. It’s a true win-win.”

About xocial™

xocial brings out the good in everyone, one thank you at a time. The principle is simple. Do good? Get thanks. See good? Say thanks. The behind-the-scenes magic is a carefully constructed algorithm . This calculates a user’s score in real time on a scale of 0 to 100. By combining convenient acknowledgement with credible measurement, xocial can change the way we look at the impact our actions have on our friends, family, coworkers, community, country and maybe even the planet—and inspire us to make the world suck a whole lot less—one act at a time.

Download xocial at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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