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RecognizeGood Spotlight: Amplify Austin

Being known as a city that’s doing a lot of good, there seems to always be something going on in Austin! A fun new event coming to our city is called Amplify Austin, a community-wide giving festival. Introduced by I Live Here, I Give Here, the goal is to raise $1 million in 24 hours, and 330 Central Texas nonprofits will receive the benefits!

The event starts at 7pm, March 4 and ends 7pm, March 5, and is an online giving event. During that time, anyone who wants to join in turning up the volume on community giving can log on, and donate to their choice of more than 300 organizations! The coolest part is that all donations will be “amplified” by matching gifts from sponsors, and every hour a nonprofit will win prize money for receiving the most donations during that hour. Interested? Make sure to check out the website HERE! This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to turn UP the volume on giving – so let’s Amplify Austin!

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