OUR GOAL: WE ILLUMINATE those around us doing good for good’s sake, and believe by making our gratitude public we have the chance to inspire others and pay good forward.

RecognizeGood’s Thank You Notes provide both physical and digital means for the illumination and sharing of everyday GOOD. Opportunities to show gratitude are endless, but by making a Thank You public at we have the chance to inspire others.

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The RecognizeGood Thank You Wall

Deidre Gott

Thank you for all your work at First Steps, Austin!

Catherine Laria

For everything thing you do to save the lives of hurt, neglected and abused dogs and for offering inmates a path to pride, confidence, hope and new beginnings. For literally saving lives and giving second chances of a good life of purpose to both animals and incarcerated women.

Jill Burns Suski

Joell Darnell McNew

As a new Longhorn parent, I am thankful for Joell’s passion, desire and voice to fight for the Safety of our students. I am thankful for your knowledge and your ability to multi-task your personal life and your leadership role in SafeHorns. I am grateful for all of the security knowledge you share with new parents and I am grateful for your keeping Haruka Weiser’s spirit alive.

You are a warrior for our Longhorns, more often than not, standing on your own, to continue this fight in crime awareness and safety for students and visitors in around the University of Texas at Austin. Thank you for all that you do.

“Warriors confront the evil that most people refuse to acknowledge” – Bohdi Sanders

Deanna Vereb

Joell Darnell McNee

Thank you Darnell for all you do for Austin, UT Austin, and the SafeHorns and most of all our children. You do this selflessly by spending countless hours doing good for others! We appreciate you more than words can say!

Cathy Murff

Lynda Logan

Thank you for giving your time, passion, commitment and dedication to Colin’s Hope and our mission to prevent drowning. We so appreciate you.

the people who always support me in my undertaking.

Thank you for the unending support of everyone and to my customers who are the wind beneath my wings. Fast Fox Plumbing