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Recognizing Good is our Heart and our Passion!

Last week we shared a little bit about our history and how Recognize Good began. This week we wanted to share with you about our heart and passion, what we are all about.

When we started our passion was to see those who were making a big impact in our community be brought to the spotlight, and receive the honor they deserved for their acts of good within the community. The website became the place to publicly give thanks to those who have made such a difference.

Our mission is pretty simple: to raise awareness of the good in our communities while aspiring to encourage individuals to commit additional acts of kindness. To promote the importance of ethics in business and communities. And to spread the concept that encouraging good promotes greater positive people power, which in turn leads to business success.

In 2010 we launched a new segment of RecognizeGood, called the Legends of RecognizeGood, a program about recognizing and valuing the good in our communities based on recognitions posted on the website. It was created to recognize special individuals who do extraordinary acts of kindness, charity, and good deeds. These good deeds could be in large numbers, over a long period of time, or as a special single event. It is a monthly program wherein the individual receives a “pay it forward” donation in their honor to a qualifying 501C-3 non- profit organization of their choosing. Along with this special recognition, both the honoree and non-profit representative receive a gift certificate.

Our philanthropic programs are unlike any other in that we don’t just target one cause. With programs like the Legends program, we give back to our selfless driven community members. We ensure that they’re able to continue doing their good deeds and more.

If you would like to find out more, or nominate someone today, visit us at!

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