Rockstar retiree provides babies with a fighting chance

Retiree Ann McGinley has been saving babies’ lives as a volunteer with Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin for over 14 years.

Ann McGinley is not only one of the most loyal volunteers at Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, but also one of the most loved. When Ann retired in 2006, she knew she wanted to use her background in chemistry to help others but wasn’t sure where that skill set might fit. Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin supplies healthy, natural human breastmilk to preterm and medically fragile babies all over Texas, and the process requires strict attention to science – turns out this was a perfect fit for Ann!

“Ann brings her professional expertise and combines it with her commitment and compassion for helping others to the milk bank. She’s done that faithfully for 14 years. Without her, we would not save so many babies’ lives,” says Executive Director Kim Updegrove. “To us it means a lot as well. We’re motivated by people like Ann who put aside fears of pandemic, and a need to sit down and read a book, and instead come out to do something for other people – it’s quite impressive!”

“I can think of nothing better than to help a human being at their most vulnerable moment. That’s why I show up,” says Ann. “A person who thinks they want to volunteer just needs to find something and give it a try – if it touches that piece of passion inside of them, and that passion grows, then they know they’re in the right place. You’ve got to recognize that desire to help and go find a place to do it. I know [volunteering at the milk bank] has enhanced my life a bunch.”

Ann’s countless hours of dedication have helped families in Central Texas immensely – we thank her for her service and selflessness. Be sure to check out Ann’s full Legend profile for her impactful story and while you’re there, find out how you can get involved with MMBA’s mission!

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