Someone I am grateful for is dr.prabhakaran because with out her I would not be here and i know that you may be like what does she mean ok so I got diagnosed with type one diabetes on december 19th so what happened was the week before i actually went into the hospital me and my mom both thought i had a stomach bug because i was throwing up everything i ate or drink also i was on bed rest because i could barely walk. so my mom and i finally decided to go to the emergency room so they did the regular checkup that you get at like your doctor’s office and then they check my SUGAR and my sugar was 600.  then they put me in a room and i couldn’t eat or drink anything for five days because i would just throw it up then doctor P came in the room and diagnosed me with type one diabetes. but that’s the story of how i got diabetes but the main reason why i’m writing this is doctor P is the person who helped me get used to diabets and she is also my inter cardiologist but without her i would not be here and that is why i am so grateful to have her in my life. and if you were to pick my story i would donate to the national diabetes society to help people like me.

with love nichelle