Many kids can be ungreatful of small actions that make them become the person they would be now, so when the question “who are you greatful for” comes to them, their anwser would most likely be their mothers and fathers because they love them. Which is indeed true, love can affect a person in many ways. If there was no love in someone’s life I just couldn’t imgine living through it. Anyway as you grow older and move on, many people can start to realize just even the tinest things that they are make them who they are. So for me I can be greatful for A LOT of thing, even something as of me not living in bad family and how different I could have been if I just toke one wrong turn in life. but if had to pick somebody it would have to be my cousins, they havn’t affect me in some huge way, but just seeing them talking and hang out with me once awhile is just fine for me.