This is quite a weird one but, I am grateful for my sister’s boyfriend (he is 20 and so is she) because he helped me become more active and motivated me to play football and stay outside more. He really motivated me because he used to be a high school football player and he is just a super nice person (from what I know). I am grateful for him because he saved me from just being a couch potato and staying unhealthy. He motivates me to become a better person and take care of myself however I can. They also gave me more tips on how to stay active and motivated because we went to a Navarro High School versus John F. Kennedy (Navarro lost 50-0 really sad) and we just hit it off we started talking about the game and sports it was a really fun experience and I wish we could’ve stayed there forever. Overall they motivated me to become a better me and how to take care of myself so I am grateful for that.