The Teachers

I am extremely grateful for the teachers that come to school everyday and teach us. They work hard everyday, especially on weekends. They grade, make sure they have their lessons prepared, and manage many students. Even if we’re in a pandemic they still are working very hard to keep us safe and healthy. All the teachers and students were new to this online learning last year and they still managed to help us learn. Teachers do a lot for not just the students but for the parents and other teachers just for us students to learn. Teachers don’t really get the recognition they deserve and I just t

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RecognizeGood: THE Foundation (commonly known as simply RecognizeGood) is a local nonprofit that provides a means for individuals, businesses and other nonprofits to illuminate selfless volunteers, charitable acts and community service throughout the greater Austin area. There are several active RecognizeGood programs that work toward this mission from different angles, but the common theme is simple – the illumination of GOOD in our community.