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Tony Foundation: Amplify Austin Nonprofit Spotlight

RecognizeGood’s mission is to illuminate good in the greater Austin community, and through our partnership with I Live Here I Give Here and the community-wide day of giving known as Amplify Austin Day, we’re proud to showcase one way we’re doing that.

Since its launch in 2007, I Live Here I Give Here has helped raise over $100MM for Central Texas nonprofit organizations by helping promote over 700 nonprofit members and help tell their stories. Storytelling is something that many nonprofits struggle with, but thanks to the RecognizeGood partnership the I Live Here I Give Here staff was able to thoughtfully invite a group of nonprofits to tell their story through RecognizeGood. The videos in this series will be shown during Amplify Live, a 24-hour livestream that provides engaging content to attract donors to interact with the Amplify Austin site.

Thanks to our venue host for this series, Monks Jazz Club in east Austin!

Nonprofit Spotlight: Tony Foundation

Nonprofit Representative: Tony Laudadio, Founder

Mission: Tony Foundation provides critical financial assistance to families affected by cancer. This provides gap funding for families whose primary income earners, in their most productive years, have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to continue employment.

Our Favorite Parts:

“We wanted to help other cancer fighters in the communities get the type of help they needed while they’re battling their own cancer.”

“So many people think that it’s the physical, emotional, and mental stuff that hurts the most, but when you’re struggling to keep a roof over your head and your family and your children, I think to me, the financial piece was really the biggest piece missing in our community.”

“When people support us…they’re making a huge impact in other cancer fighters’ lives because we give that money directly to cancer fighters. We actually give large financial grants to these families where they can pay their bills, they can take a nice trip with their family and just alleviate a lot of that financial stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis.”

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