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Volunteering Untapped ATX brings hundreds of volunteers together to help nonprofits

The idea behind Volunteering Untapped ATX is simple, on the second Saturday of every month from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, they bridge the gap between community members and volunteer opportunities. Volunteering Untapped ATX has worked with 20 Austin nonprofits and hundreds of volunteers in the last two years.

What makes VU ATX  special is that it allows local individuals to explore volunteerism with various nonprofit organizations, eliminating the fear that some might have of volunteering as individuals. The volunteer events have focused on a variety of projects: grounds beautification, harvesting crops, organizing and sorting pantry essentials, providing groceries to community delivery drivers, and even moving a couple of tons of mulch- Volunteering Untapped ATX, volunteers do it all! Their activities vary widely from month to month, and their partners provide VU ATX with diverse and exciting opportunities.

The Volunteering Untapped premise provides volunteers with a structure and a connection to others who are passionate about giving back to their city without requiring a lot of upfront investment.  Those that participate are inspired and educated about various organizations. Allowing many volunteers to find a connection with the nonprofits they’ve worked with, causing them to explore volunteer opportunities with the organizations on their own. VU ATX also connects community members with social hour events to build connections within and outside the organization.

RecognizeGood presented this incredible group of volunteers with a plaque, a $500 donation for their charity of choice, Federation of Neighborhood Centers, and complimentary seats to the 2023 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon. The presentation was at YWCA Greater Austin, where Volunteering Untapped ATX was volunteering for the day.

Volunteering Untapped originated in Baltimore in 2014 and has since expanded to Chicago, Philadelphia, and most recently, Austin! To join a Volunteer Untapped ATX event, check out their website or Instagram @vu_atx for dates and sign-up forms.

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