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Where we’ve come from, and where we are headed.

In 2007 the TyRex Group Ltd. won the Ethics in Business award, a huge honor in itself. This award created the cornerstone for a partnership between the TyRex Group and the Samaritan Counseling Center. The partnership ultimately led John Bosch Jr., principal of the TyRex Group, to launch RecognizeGood. With the help of many others, RecognizeGood has become a nonprofit unlike any other.

The goal of RecognizeGood is to raise the awareness of the good in our communities while aspiring to encourage individuals to commit additional acts of kindness, to promote the importance of ethics in business and communities, and to spread the concept that encouraging good promotes greater positive people power, which in turn leads to business success.

We believe one act of kindness encourages other acts of kindness. RecognizeGood aims to publicize these acts to lift the human spirit and light a fire of benevolence in our world. Our philanthropic programs are unlike any other in that we don’t just target one cause. With programs like the Legends program, we give back to our selfless driven community members and ensure that they’re able to continue doing their good deeds and more.

We were awarded our 501(c)3 status January 1, 2012 and are now an official non-profit organization. Our affiliation with several established Austin businesses and other nonprofits such as the TyRex Group and the Samaritan Center give members of RecognizeGood’s membership program opportunities to branch out and connect with other local businesses and individuals within the community.

I believe that by shining a light and illuminating the GOOD in our communities, educational achievement and community accomplishments will rise.  Greater social awareness of GOOD will result in additional acts of community service and volunteerism.  Collectively, the residents of our communities will acknowledge this recognition of greater community accomplishment by elevating their own sense of self-worth and community pride by demonstrating their willingness to embrace all members of their communities in a more positive and respectful way with a blessing of their own acts of charity, kindness and GOOD deeds.”

-John Bosch Jr.
Founding Partner,

Be a part of generating the cycle of good! Visit our website today and tell the world about the person who changed yours.

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