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Zoi Ora Filos-have brought girls together to volunteer and serve in their community daily for 33 years.

Zoi Ora Filos- Serteen at Round Rock High School has been bringing girls together to volunteer and serve in their community daily for 33 years.

ZOI Ora Filos Serteen is a group of young women who currently attend Round Rock High School. The group was originally organized in partnership with the Round Rock Sertoma in 1990. The ZOIs are interested in the world around them and are motivated to improve that world through service to mankind. ZOIs serve the Round Rock community by both raising funds for charitable community organizations and by helping those in need with direct volunteer efforts.

Every year, this group of teens contributes over 3,000 hours of community service to the Round Rock Area. Since its inception, the Zoi Ora Filos– Sertoma at Round Rock High School has given about 96,000 volunteer hours over 33 years.  Every weekend, you can find the ZOIs at the Round Rock Serving Center serving fresh food for families, organizing clothes, or sorting through donations. They also support Heroes Night Out, Ronald McDonald House, Backpack Coalition, Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Round Rock Parks and Recreation, Special Olympics, and many more.

Besides volunteering, the ZOIs host fundraisers throughout the school year. For the past 4 years, they have donated an average of $13,795.48. Over 10 years they average about $12,000-$14,000 annually in donations to their community.

Sertomas have been active in the United States since 1912. The core mission of Sertoma and Serteens is to serve their communities and improve the lives of those who need help. The mission and passion is to improve the quality of life for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.

Serteens are young men and women, ages 11 to 19, who are interested in the world around them and who are motivated to improve their world through SERvice TO MAnkind. The Serteen program is a great avenue for teens to identify and contribute to community needs.

RecognizeGood presented this incredible group with a certificate, a $1,000 donation pay-it-forward donation to the Round Rock Area Serving Center, and complimentary seats to the 2023 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon.

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