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After overcoming her own battle with breast cancer through an alternative targeted low-dose chemotherapy method, Annie launched Best Answer for Cancer to provide others with alternatives to harsh treatment.

March brought around a new addition to the RecognizeGood Legends. Annie Brandt, founder of the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation was given a $1,000 Pay-It-Forward donation for her charity. Ron Oliveira of KEYE TV, presented Annie with the donation, a mug, a memento book, and a plant to signify her good work in the community.

What makes Annie so special is that in 2001, she was diagnosed with a grim prognosis of advanced-stage metastatic breast cancer and was told to get her affairs in order. She refused a double mastectomy, traditional high-dose chemo and radiation, and set about researching alternative and holistic ways to fight the cancer. Annie found that a targeted low-dose chemotherapy system proved effective for her. Two years later Annie was cancer-clear thanks to the Whole Being Healing Platform and in 2004 she started her charity the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation to help other cancer patients find alternatives to harsh cancer treatment.

“I decided if I was going to die soon anyway, I was going to go with as much quality of life as I could. So I did some research and I found options that were very strong against the cancer, but gentle on me,” said Annie. “And I not only survived, but I thrived. So I just knew I had to give back.”

Annie created the Best Answer for Cancer foundation with a fellow cancer patient, Rachel Best. But unfortunately two years later, Rachel passed away due to an infection not related to cancer. Despite the loss of one of its initiators, the foundation continued to grow and thrive. In 2006, Annie reorganized the company into a 501c3 and enlisted physicians who supported targeted low-dose chemo as members of a new physician’s organization. In 2007, she created a patient/survivor center.

Best Answer for Cancer is now the only hybrid organization of physicians and patients in existence. Over time, the foundation expanded online to include e-book platforms, a physician’s discussion forum, and a support forum for patients and survivors to connect. In 2009, the organization’s focus was expanded to include all options for integrative cancer care and a whole-being healing platform.

Annie said, “I just want to encourage patients to understand that when they are diagnosed, the day you are diagnosed, that the cancer has been growing from anywhere from five to ten years. So you’ve certainly got a week or two to figure out what you’re going to do.”

Today, it stands “to more appropriately express our mission to teach people about whole-being healing platforms and targeted cancer therapies” so that they can find their own best answer for cancer. Annie and her foundation are also responsible for the Annual International IPTLD (Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose) Integrative Cancer Conference to raise awareness about targeted therapies and whole-being healing. Since 2004, Annie has given her money, time and energy to the goals listed above. She spends countless hours every week on the phone with cancer patients, listening and sharing information.

Annie wants every cancer patient to be aware that they should, “Know that we don’t know when our time is. Nobody knows when our time is except God.”

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