Rudy Uriegas Legend

Dr. Rudy Uriegas

Working tirelessly outside of his own office hours, Dr. Rudy visits Central America annually to provide medical care to remote communities as well as serving as a driving force behind Round Rock’s Sacred Heart Community Clinic, a free, volunteer-staffed medical clinic for the uninsured.

We at RecognizeGood are so pleased to present our Legend for the month of May, Dr. Rudy Uriegas.  Uriegas, or “Doctor Rudy” as he’s affectionately known, has dedicated himself to medical mission work for over ten years now – as one of the founding board members of Sacred Heart Community Clinic, he’s worked countless hours on a volunteer basis for the clinic and currently serves as the clinic’s Medical Director.  Sacred Heart Community Clinic, located on the St. William Church campus in Round Rock, is a 100% free, volunteer-staffed medical clinic for the underprivileged and uninsured.  Doctor Rudy also travels to Central America on an annual basis with the Austin Diocese Medical Mission team to provide medical care to remote communities that don’t typically have access, in addition to his ‘day job’ at Austin Regional Clinic.

Dr Rudy has a heart of gold! He has dedicated himself to medial mission work for over 10 years. He is the Sacred Heart Community Clinic’s Board of Director’s Vice President. SHCC is a free, volunteer staffed medical clinic for the uninsured folks in Round Rock. Dr Rudy was one of the 13 original board members who started the clinic 3 years ago. He has put in countless hours of his time to get the clinic up and running along with writing many of the practices and procedures we have in place today. Dr Rudy volunteers weekly at the clinic after long hours in his own office. Dr Rudy also travels once a year to Central America with the Austin Diocese Medical Mission team to help in remote communities that do not have access to medical care. I have learned compassion and courage from Rudy over the last 10 years that I didn’t know I had. Dr Rudy deserves the recognition for his selfless hours and hours of giving back to his community!

– Liz Burton-Garcia

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