Scott Hardy Legend

Scott Hardy

Volunteer firefighter, EMT, roadside assistance HERO, and dog rescue owner Scott Hardy is dedicating his life to spreading kindness around Austin one good deed at a time.

Scott Hardy is dedicating his life to spreading kindness around Austin – one good deed at a time. Scott gives back to the community in a variety of ways, serving as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, volunteering with Austin’s HERO rescue program, and also organizing a dog rescue with his wife, all in addition to his day job. Scott films all of his daily activities and posts vlogs to his YouTube page, Uncle Mullet Everyday Heroes. “The point of my videos is to show that we all help one another. That we all have goodness in us and we don’t necessarily have to wear a cape or be a firefighter or a police officer to really make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

Scott’s nickname “Uncle Mullet” first came about when he was teaching motorcycle lessons – because of a combination of the close relationships he formed with his students and his mullet haircut. Now Scott hopes others will join him in his “mullet movement” as he shares his life on YouTube and focuses on spreading good in Austin. “It’s not about me. It’s about good. When we watch good, we feel good. When we watch bad, we feel bad. Is there bad? Yes – but the good is so much bigger!”

You can often find him driving around Austin on his motorcycle and handing out flowers to people on the street as a random act of kindness. Every flower has a wooden coin attached with the message “See how far kindness can travel” and the directions “Follow this coin to and see how one kind deed can travel the world.” Scott’s hope is that people will pass the coins along to others with additional good deeds, like a “pay it forward” token – a literal currency of kindness. After giving or receiving a coin, individuals can visit the UncleMullet website and log the event and location of the act of good, which is marked on the UncleMullet world map with a yellow heart. Scott’s hope is to light up the map with as many hearts as possible, allowing people to follow positivity as these coins travel around the world.