OUR GOAL: WE ILLUMINATE those around us doing good for good’s sake, and believe by making our gratitude public we have the chance to inspire others and pay good forward.

RecognizeGood’s Thank You Notes provide both physical and digital means for the illumination and sharing of everyday GOOD. Opportunities to show gratitude are endless, but by making a Thank You public at we have the chance to inspire others.

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The RecognizeGood Thank You Wall

Gordon Perez

Thanks for all you do!

Cindy Young

Patti Robinson


John Mc Pherson

Thanks John for all that you do and continue to do. There is no sign of quit in you; just a determination to trudge on into the future!!

david schumaker

Patti Robinson

Thanks Patti


Thanks to everyone that believes they make a difference and care enough to do so. You have demonstrated this in many ways.

Patti Robinson

Thanks Patti!