Zero-waste enthusiast rescues over 2,595,000 pounds of food.

A zero-waste enthusiast Allen Schroeder decided while on shift at Wheatsville Food Co-op, a local grocery store, that he could do more to help others and eliminate the waste he saw happening daily. Thirteen years later, Allen is a food-rescuing champion for Central Texas. Rescuing over 2,595,000 pounds of food through his own organization, Save The Food.

Today, Allen and his team rescue food from 14 different grocery stores, feeding 540 people weekly. COVID-19 has caused significant changes to Allen and Save The Food’s work. Forcing Save the Food to completely remodel how they distribute food before they relied on the city’s community centers to help with the distribution process, now Allen and Save the Food manages more of the food distribution.

RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in Allen’s name to Save The Food, in a presentation at Wheatsville Co-op yesterday where Allen’s food rescue journey first began. Special thanks to the Wheatsville team for hosting and feeding the group, and to Crown Trophy for a beautiful award donation to Allen.

Read more on Allen’s story, check out pictures from his Legend Ceremony, and learn more about Save The Food by heading to his Legend page!

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