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Austin Ramp Project Volunteers Have Given The Gift of Mobility For Over 16 Years

For the past 16 years, volunteers with the Austin branch of the Texas Ramp Project have given the gift of freedom back to people in need so they can leave their homes safely and independently thanks to the wheelchair ramps they build.

Since 2006, The Austin Texas Ramp Project has built ramps for those who need a ramp but cannot afford to build one in the Austin area. During this time, they built 1700 ramps measuring a total of 43,171 feet. That’s over 8 miles of ramps!

The Austin branch of the Texas Ramp Project is one of 40 total Texas Regions covered by the organization’s vision to ensure that no Texas residents go without access due to financial limitations. Each region is made up of all-volunteer labor and the Texas Ramp Project partners with local churches, civic organizations, businesses, military servicemen and women, students, youth groups, and many others, along with foundations and corporations all across the state.

Almost every Saturday, volunteers for the Austin Texas Ramp Project are out, building ramps for someone in need. Just a few hours of volunteer work and about $1,000 in materials can change the life of someone who was previously unable to leave their home by giving them the freedom of mobility.

This weekend, the Austin Texas Ramp Project came together to build a wheelchair ramp despite the hot Texas weather. RecognizeGood was there to present this selfless group with a certificate, a $1,000 pay-it-forward donation for the Texas Ramp Project, and complimentary seats to our 2024 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon. It was amazing to see the dedication of these volunteers!

The Texas Ramp Project only takes referrals from local healthcare providers who identify those in need. If you know of someone in need, ask their social worker or healthcare professional to make the referral to the Texas Ramp Project.

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