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Carol Rabun’s Feeding Over 1000 Neighbors Each Month

In 8 years, Carol Rabun and her nonprofit Carol’s Kindness+ have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of food from the landfill and fed over 100,000 people.

After finding herself with a surplus of donated greens intended for her potbelly pig, Carol Rabun offered what was left over to her neighbors. It became a regular weekly distribution, and as demand grew so did her donated supply of food. 8 years later Carol is serving 25,000 pounds of donated food to more than 1,000 neighbors each month.

RecognizeGood, along with Carol’s friends, supporters, and family members, gathered to express their gratitude to Carol and presented her with a $1,000 pay-it-forward donation in her name to her nonprofit, Carol’s Kindness+. The “front yard” ceremony brought together connections from two previous Legend recognitions, including William Kerby from Kerby’s Clothing Ministry who serves the unhoused with clothing often alongside Carol as she serves food.

If you want to learn more about Carol and see photos from her Legend ceremony, please visit her Legend page.

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