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Austin Texas Musicians building bridges and bringing people together

The first of its kind, Austin Texas Musicians is an organization for musicians, run by musicians, that has moved mountains for the Central Texas arts community in just four years.

They started organizing service efforts at the beginning of the pandemic at a rapid pace, when along with their partners in city leadership they were able to bring $5 million in aid to Austin music venues, $1.5 million in aid to Austin musicians, and $3 million in aid to Austin creative workers – and their good work hasn’t slowed! During the 2021 winter freeze, Austin Texas Musicians and Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Harper-Madison rallied 400 unemployed musicians, venue workers, and event workers to serve food and water to over 10,000 Central Texans in need.

They are also building bridges and bringing people together with their outreach teams, including voter registration with ATXM VOTES, education through ATXM NEWS, preservation efforts with ATXM REACH, and advocacy efforts on city, state, and federal policies that affect musicians. Each team has made a difference in the Austin community – registering 700+ new voters in Travis County, setting fair pay and best practice standards between venues and musicians, and even gathering Black, LatinX, Asian, LGBTQ+, and Women to identify areas of need and produce equitable solutions. Austin Texas Musicians also partnered with city staff and other nonprofits to produce the Live Music Fund, Austin’s first-ever sustainable public funding for music.

Austin Texas Musicians are showing no signs of slowing down or playing an ‘adagio’ (slow pace) anytime soon! They plan to continue representing Central Texas musicians on local, state, and federal policies and create programs and partnerships that help meet the basic needs of Central Texas Musicians.

RecognizeGood presented this fantastic group of musicians with a certificate, a $1,000 pay-it-forward donation for the Austin Texas Musicians, and complimentary seats to our 2024 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon.

This recognition is a sincere “Thank you!” from the Central Texas community for the amazing display of selfless service from the entire team at Austin Texas Musicians.

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