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Craig and Mary Beth Applefield connect with at-risk teens, showing them they can have a better future as well as someone to rely on.

In 2015, Craig and Mary Beth Applefield started mentoring teens in the Williamson County Juvenile Justice system through programs provided by the local nonprofit Reset Mentoring. The Applefields wanted to be there for at-risk teens, showing them that they could have a better future as well as someone to rely on.

Craig and Mary Beth are known for taking on the most challenging cases in the program. They help 14 teens every six months, spending at least 4 hours a week with each of their teens over a 6-month period. The Applefields take mentees on outings to improve their perspective and give them a different view of future possibilities. Whether they are sharing a meal, driving them to get haircuts, or helping them find meaningful employment, one thing is for sure – they are getting a life lesson from a couple who has lived a lot of life. Their dedication to the people they work with is unmatched – they even keep in contact with a host of former mentees after the program ends. Craig and Mary Beth have made such an impact on these teens that when they hit bumps in the road, often their first call is to Craig to gain valuable insight and life advice.

“Our population can be one of the most difficult to work with, but Craig and Mary Beth have such a love for the teens they mentor they find a connection and way to speak into these boys’ lives in a way that makes a lasting difference … in a sea of devoted men and women who do the hard work of helping hurting teens, these two go above and beyond to make a lasting difference,” said Reset Mentoring’s Lorie Goggin. “They have each demonstrated that they will not give up – they are willing to put in the time it takes to build relationships and follow through.”

Special thank you to the staff at Reset Mentoring for hosting us and to Craig and Mary Beth’s fellow mentors and their past mentees for joining us to tell them, “Thank You!”

To learn more about Craig and Mary Beth, see photos from their Legend Ceremony, and learn more about Reset Mentoring visit their Legend page!


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