STAC Promo (2019)

Vote Say Thanks, Austin

Voting for the 2019 Say Thanks, Austin campaign will begin on January 7th and continue through February 1st, 2019. Recognizing good every day is easy and only takes a moment of your time. Click here to tell the world about someone who changed yours.

Get ready to SAY THANKS, AUSTIN!
Wayne Glander Box

Wayne Glander

Ian McKenna Box

Ian McKenna

Dr. Ian Thomas Box

Dr. Ian Thomas

Marilu Sanchez Box

Marilu Sanchez

Lloyd Pond Box

Lloyd Pond

Desley Glover McKirdy Box

Desley Glover McKirdy

Jaime Rodriguez Box

Jaime Rodriguez

Kelli Saldana Box

Kelli Saldaña

Recognizegood Graphic: Legends STAC Voting MethodsClick Here for complete contest rules and procedures.