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13-year-old Gracie is on a mission to end hunger

13-year-old Gracie Garbade has collected and donated over $31,670 and 12,050 pounds of food with the mission to help those in need.

Gracie Garbade’s love for helping others started at the age of 5 after seeing people experiencing homelessness on the street while driving in the car with her mom.  The experience of seeing those experiencing homelessness on the street motivated Gracie to do something; she started collecting canned goods! She started small by asking friends, family, and neighbors to donate. Every year since Gracie challenges herself to collect more canned goods and to increase her outreach, and every year Gracie exceeds her goals to help those in need!

To celebrate all that Gracie has accomplished, we gathered at Hill Country Community Ministries, the first place Gracie donated to when she started Gracie’s Canned Goods. In recognition of Gracie’s community efforts, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in her name to Gracie’s Canned Goods.

Special thanks to Hill Country Community Ministries for hosting, Gracie’s special guest, and the TyRex staff for joining us to recognize Gracie.

To read more on Gracie, check out pictures from her Legend Ceremony, and learn more about Gracie’s Canned Goods, visit her Legend page

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