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Carol and Jack have inspired a 90% success rate and over 25,000 collective volunteer hours from their supporters

Boasting a 90% success rate and garnering over 25,000 collective volunteer hours from their supporters over 10 years, Carol Kallendorf-Speer and Jack Speer’s impact on formerly impoverished Austinites through Everyone’s Dream Come True Foundation is enormous.

Twelve years ago, Carol and Jack realized that the system of helping deserving people rise out of poverty was not working. They conceptualized a system that relied on mentoring, financial support, and partnerships focusing on individuals who had a dream and the drive to leave poverty and become self-sufficient successful contributors to society. The Dream Come True Foundation partners with individuals and families to move them out of poverty through education, mentoring, financial assistance, and access to community partnerships. Equipping each “Dream Achiever” with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to achieve their desired employment and earn enough financially, allowing them to dramatically change their and their family’s lives.

In recognition of Carol and Jack’s good deeds, RecognizeGood made a $1,000 donation in their name to Everyone’s Dream Come True Foundation where they continue with the goal to “…help people achieve their dreams – even against the greatest odds and through the most severe adversity.”  Special thanks to The Dream Come True Foundation team, and Dreamers that joined us to celebrate Carol and Jack, The Dream Come True Foundation team for hosting us, and Crown Trophy for donating a beautiful award to Carol and Jack!

To read more about Carol and Jack’s story, check out pictures from their Legend Ceremony, and to learn more about The Dream Come True Foundation head over to their Legend page!

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