Georgetown Beard Club: RecognizeGood’s Most Unique Lighthouse

The Georgetown Beard Club immediately becomes our most unique Lighthouse recognition honoree for obvious reasons. This group of men, women, and young people (you read correctly) is built around two things – great facial hair and service to others.

Launched in 2015, the Georgetown Beard Club (GBC) simply wanted to create a positive image of bearded people while doing good in the community. Since that time, they’ve really hit their stride finding creative ways to donate brains, brawn, and bucks to a number of different causes. The group has supported Make-A-Wish children and veterans with scholarships to make their dreams come true, and teamed together to set up and tear down at large events hosted by local nonprofits like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgetown. But their own monthly fundraisers are where the group’s creativity for good shines through – finding professional cooks and musicians to donate their talents, set up and staff their Dunk-A-Beard dunk booth, and raffle items they’re able to get donated by local businesses all to raise money for the charities they support. Members even politely ask for donations when they’re swarmed with people who want to take photos with award-winning beards! Perhaps the best time to become acquainted with the GBC is at the annual Georgetown Red Poppy Festival, where members join the parade down Main Street with beards adorned with flowers.

RecognizeGood’s executive director Joel Coffman presented this incredible group with a plaque, a $500 donation, complimentary seats to the 2020 Ethics in Business Awards luncheon, and a pay-it-forward donation of a life-changing mobility cart (through Mobility Worldwide – Austin) in the chapter’s name.

The RecognizeGood Lighthouse Award is intended to illuminate the selfless community efforts and philanthropy of area service clubs to tell their stories and inspire others to make our community a better place. The program began in 2015 and has recognized more than 20 area service groups since its launch.

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